About the SJDLP

The South Jersey Data Leaders Partnership (SJDLP) was founded in 2016.  Its mission is to improve outcomes for students, teachers, schools, districts, and state departments of education through the effective use of data.

The SJDLP focuses on the development of educators in data leadership positions– either leaders whose position is specific to data (“data specialist,” etc.) or de facto data leaders in the position of superintendent, curriculum director, principal, supervisor, etc.   Our vow is to ensure that data leaders are never without a network of support, collaboration, and professional learning in their data work. In addition the SJDLP works with teachers and others in classroom and instructional positions to develop their data confidence and data reflexivity, in order to promote distributed data leadership capacity across all educator roles, including those at the levels closest to student interaction.

Second, we collectively advocate for effective and productive data practices to those who can ensure that students benefit from data quality, deep and useful analysis and reporting on standardized or other state testing, development of data confidence and reflexiveness in pre-service teachers and leaders, and more.  We work to ensure that government and private industry leaders dialogue with data leaders in the field to align their work with realities in the field from real districts, schools, classrooms, and student lives.

The SJDLP meets 5-6 times per school year at the Voorhees (Camden County) BOE Building.   Meetings consist of professional learning sessions and presentations, conversations with state leaders, PLCs, and other interactions in service of our mission and goals.  Each August the SJDLP hosts a data conference that is open to all educators, with sessions aimed at teachers, school and district leaders, and data specialists.

Visit our resource site at www.sjdlp.org, and follow us on Twitter @southjerseydata!

Email inquiries can be directed to sjdataspecialists@gmail.com



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